Pleasanton Fairgrounds - today.

Pleasanton Fairgrounds from the air around 1960.

Stamped as the oldest racetrack in America, the Pleasanton oval plays host to the Alameda County Fair. The racetrack dates back to 1858, when it was constructed by the son of the Spanish Don, Augustin Bernal. The track is even older than the famous Saratoga oval in upper New York. The date was July 23, 1939, when mutuel wagering started in Pleasanton. The San Francisco Chronicle reported the occasion by saying, "the revival of East Bay racing will be on the same spot where horse racing virtually had its birth in California more than 70 years ago when the Spanish Dons built the first track here." In fact, the Chronicle referred to Pleasanton as "the birthplace of horse racing in California."

As a side note if you look closely at the photo, you will notice what looks likes a circular pattern of skid marks, which is exactly what they are, believe it or not, the Alameda County fairgrounds used to be home to sports car auto-crossing contests a couple of times a month, they were exciting to witness and listen to, especially when a Corvette Stingray with a big block 500 inch rat motor would try and run the course, you could here the headers from a mile away...the good old days.